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Janco Steel
Stretcher Leveling - Cut to Length

Stretcher level coils up to 1.00” thick and 99" wide.

Stress-free steel with laser-quality flatness across a full range of gauges.

Our world-class Herr-Voss Precision Levelers, all equipped with STRETCHER LEVELERS, produce consistently flat and dimensionally accurate products across a full range of gauges.

Janco Steel has invested in the most technologically advanced equipment to cut steel coils to length. That technology is STRETCHER LEVELING. We currently have 5 Stretcher leveling lines that consistently produce flat and memory free steel sheet and plate.  The stretcher leveling process has now allowed sheet and plate from coil to be efficiently and effectively used on lasers and plasma burning tables. This unique process releases all of the internally trapped stresses throughout 100% of the sheet and it allows us to meet the demands of manufacturers who require the best quality steel sheet available.

By combining our world-class Herr-Voss Precision Levelers and the most advanced stretcher leveling technology available from Butech Bliss and Red Bud Industries, Janco Steel has the capacity to perfectly level any of your sheet and plate sizes from .015 gauge right up to and INCLUDING 1” thick coils. Also notice our ability to stretcher level coils as wide as 99”. 

We are confident that Janco Steel will have the answer for almost any of your laser flat sheet and plate requirements. We continue to invest in our infrastructure to ensure our customers that they will have a reliable and relevant steel supply partner for decades to come.

Products Offered

Hot Rolled/Pickled and Oiled

  • Janco Steel has an extensive inventory of HR and HRP&O coil and sheet products.
  • We offer all standard CQ and Structural Grades up to and including 100 Yield material.
  • With direct mill access to any specialty grades as well, you can be confident that our inventory level will always be maintained to serve your needs quickly and efficiently.

Plate Products

  • Janco Steel specializes in producing heavy gauge PLATE from coil, effectively setting us apart from most service centers in North America.
  • We produce laser flat, stress free plate from coil in widths up to 98” wide and in thicknesses up to and including 1.00”.
  • Janco also purchases all standard grades of Carbon and Structural Plate directly from world class plate mills. Specialty grades are also available including AR, PVQ, Q&T and more.
  • Please inquire with our Commercial Team if you have any questions regarding the plate products we can offer.

Cold Rolled / Coated

  • Cold rolled and coated coil products in all gauges, widths and grades round out our extensive steel inventory. Contact our Commercial Team to inquire about any coil or sheet needs in Cold Rolled, Galvanized or any other coated material.

Specialty Products

  • In addition to Janco Steel’s Stretcher Leveling and Slitting capabilities, we also can offer a wide variety of specialty products.
  • Janco Steel has invested in the most innovative laser and forming equipment that the market has to offer and because of this, we can offer you laser cut profiles and fully processed steel parts. Please contact our Commercial Team to learn more about our part solutions and the capabilities that we have.