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Health & Safety

Going above and beyond.

With steel, safety is everything. Order from Janco Steel with confidence, knowing that our top priority is the health and safety of our staff.

What makes Janco Steel’s approach to health & safety so unique in our industry is how we go above and beyond what’s required of us.

Our Joint Health & Safety Committee is twice the required size, has three times the certified members necessary, and meets nearly three times as often as needed. Our health & safety committee and upper management are accessible to all employees, equipping our entire team to participate in hazard recognition and reporting.

All new employees take part in a mentorship program where they’re paired up with a coach. This coach becomes their point person, facilitating all training required to ensure a smooth and safe transition into our work environment. At Janco, you can trust that we stay safe… and keep it that way.

Other ways we support our team…

Offering emotional & practical support to employees

Our strong company culture means those experiencing illness, injury or disability (including addiction) are supported in the workplace. We also have a return-to-work program that prioritizes healing.

Constantly improving our safety program

Our teams follow the WSIB’s Health & Safety Excellence Program, maintain a strong Internal Responsibility System and are always aware of new safety legislation.

Providing free first-aid training for full-time staff

All full-time staff can take first-aid courses free of charge, which means we have a high percentage of first-aid trained staff on-site at all times.

Supplying up-to-date personal protective equipment

Janco Steel provides all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees, ensuring they always have a last line of defence for occupational hazards.

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